Monday, August 26, 2013

Lago Maggiore 25 Aug 2013

Just Checking

Well, yes .... I do have a couple of GPS units, but I had just landed, picked up my car, assembled my bike at the hotel and was starving.
It's Sunday siesta time, everything is closed ..... good thing I brought my Clif Bars.

Found it ...... big lake too.
Yes .... FLURO. And I had both Knog lights flashing madly.
Only cyclist ever to ride here with lights flashing in the daylight.
Looks like one of the few who ever wear a helmet too ...
That's Laveno in the background.

The little climb I planned up from Laveno, started just behind.

The Passeggiata has started early in Laveno .... but it is Sunday.

First I needed more carbs ... finished off my Clif Bars early.

Lago Maggiore weaving its way up into the Swiss mountains.
Not far really to where Cadel lives between the lakes.

The road weaving its way up behind Laveno

First tunnel and I've got those Knogs flashing

Oops ... nice view though.

The road follows the lake close for some distance.

But I wanted to get even closer .....
I had a route planned that took me in through the houses and lanes I expect the locals use.

Hmm ... picked a good start, eh ?

I love this 'poking about' riding ....  and what a place to start!

Here's a Northern Italian beach

Lazin' about.

Up from the Lake and my route gets really interesting
In front of the local church, through the arch and passing head high a noisy family kitchen.

Laneway T intersection.
I'm by now losing the light. I started the ride after 4.30pm, so here I turned right, down a steep little road that joined back to the main road. But I didn't want to ride back that way. So I did a U-turn back up the little lane, continued past this house to the left, exploring.
The lane became even steeper. At 12% I had to pull into a driveway to let a little Fiat muscle its way past. Labouring behind it was a scooter. It took ages to get up to me ... no wonder, it was tiny and struggling under the weight of a boy and his girlfriend. They just grinned at me and I tested out some Italian ... 
"... sera" 

Back in Laveno ..... and time for my first Italian meal.


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