Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chatillon to Cervinia 26 Aug 2013

Nearing Chatillon, in the Val dAosta, to start the climb to Cervinia.
I finally had to start using the Toll roads ....
but with this view towards Val d'Aosta I'm worrying more about the weather.

 Closer view .... but check out the truck ahead loaded with covered Maserati.

Chatillon ahead.

The Chatillon Street I set my GPS to take me to .....

Yes, siesta time again ... deserted.

A short ride through Chatillon ...

That's me.

The mountains loom above, but this little valley is where the climb starts.

Breuil Cervinia via Valtournenche .... I know this road.
I have skied in Cervinia twice.

It is a big ski area, right at the foot of 4,478m Monte Cervino.
(Matterhorn, if you are on the Swiss side in Zermatt).
Cervinia is at 2,050m ..... 1,740 climbing to go.

Weather ... good. Road ... good.

Low cloud ahead though.

Looking back, and looking forward to descending

First stop for spring water top up. 

I'm liking this ...

Another little village.
Ages ago I road a bike (with panniers and tent) up to Zermatt ....
the houses here reminiscent.

1,524m .... glad to be cruising up.

Valtournenche ... a busy little town with loads of walkers and climbers setting out.
Not only this type of walker ... backpackers too.

Hmm ... still must be Siesta time.

Soon though it will get busy ...

The Giro came up here on  2012 ... check out the last few Kms

More cloud ahead, and snow.

Quiet still ...

More fun for descending ...

Monte Cervino straight ahead.

Last few Kms ... but no better view of the mountain eventuates, than right here.

Proof !


View towards Cervinia

The bus stop ... changed a bit since I was here last.

Probably good shopping too ... 

Getting cold .... wow down to 9ÂșC .... is that rain I feel ?

YES it is RAIN ... I'm outa here before I freeze.

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