Saturday, May 26, 2012

Santiago Canyon, Orange County

Shawn was keen to get me out to Orange County for my first ride this trip.
70 mins drive to Santiago Canyon, Orange County in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains .... sounded like a quiet mountain ride was on the go.

Well not quite. We did start with a wide bike lane, but the cars were pounding past at speed.
I was looking forward to turning up into the hills at Cook's Corner cafe. But that proved to be even more arduous. Live Oak Canyon Road was narrow, steep with NO SHOULDER.

Oh well, we continued on. I was riding as close as I could to the edge of the bitumen, without dropping a wheel off into the gravel, hoping .....

Sure enough as soon as we crested the climb, the road improved. Dropping down through a lovely treed area we found Trabuco Canyon Rd, which swept back down to a very new, suburban part of Orange County. I was guessing the locals living here, like many other places around LA, need to commute long distances.

 Looping back to re-join Santiago Canyon Rd, we went under the toll road, until once again came to Cook's Corner. Check out all the motor bikes in the photos. Memorial Day weekend has brought them out in droves .... but instead of riding, this group seems to be drinkin' .......

Santiago Canyon Rd, Shawn and the first of many flags flying for fallen vets ....

Cook's Corner ...... lots of music, beer and bikes.

Looking up Live Oak Canyon Canyon Rd.

Loads of nice motor bikes, even if most are Harleys !

Live Oak Canyon  looks inviting at the start.

No photos going up. This is after the crest of the hill ..... all's good now. 

New suburbs coming up on the right

New lake too ....

It's a gated community.

New toll road goes over. We rode under on our way back to Cook's Corner/

On a new road, but wide and not busy here .....

Gates to a housing estate.

Back at Cook's Corner I spotted a lone non-Harley. But it sure looks Harley-inspired.

The Vet .... takes a break.

My Garmin finds a side road on the way back. Steep too. Nice views. No cars !
Up we go ....
Yes, I like it up here at the top of that little climb.
This is more like it ....
Down we go .... back to re-join Santiago Canyon Rd for the ride back to our cars and the end of my first ride back in LA. I'm looking forward to more of this ......

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