Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm back in LA, it's warm and CTD are on the move.

PROGRESS in LA .... CTD have started.
Well ... sort of.
I came here to polish off the details of the 2 scales and double mitre saw that I had ordered in Feb 2012.

The Tour of California was on my mind after watching every stage on SBS and I was determined to not only ride a few of the stages, but also extend my knowledge of local rides from where I had left off back in February.

Well, I thought that was what I was going to do ....... but as you can see, manufacturing here, like the rest of the economy, is still in slow mode.

Pictured is my actual saw being assembled ..... "It will be ready in a few days ....." I was briefed.

It turns out that I had arrived at the start of the Memorial Day weekend.
A National Holiday.
Not only does the workshop stop here at CTD, but Paul the engineer was taking a few extra days off ...... aaah!

I had 2 days before the holiday weekend ..... and to my surprise I managed to get CTD into action.
23 Stop Controller
The specialised 23 stop scale for cutting Target frames was already dusted off and being worked on.
Checking it out I found that it needed a couple of extra mods, which were promptly completed and by Friday afternoon it was being fitted with the final air hoses. Yes !

Next it was the RazorGage ..... the auto scale to be fitted to the saw pictured above.
Well, it hadn't even been ordered from the manufacturer .... uh oh!

But, not to worry, there was one for another client, propped up on a bench especially for me to check out up close.
"While you are waiting, go familiarise yourself with the software, Barry"
But the tablet PC that drives it had mysteriously crashed.
"...... waiting for a call back from RazorGage"

So I went back to where they were working on the saw.

The saw was going to be the hardest.
I had arrived with three problems that I needed to get resolved.

I didn't go too well with the very first one .....
"How much slower will the "variable speed control" run with Australia's 50Hz compared with the 60Hz here in USA ?"
...... "Dunno, we should do a test"
"Great, I didn't know you had a 50Hz supply"
...... "Oh .... we don't"

So I left it there.
It was Friday, before a long weekend.
So I bid them happy holiday  "see ya'll on Tuesday"

I had riding to do.


  1. Hi Silver Streak - it looks impressive and so it should after many trips to get it started. I know looks can also be deceiving so is this really going to do anything or is it still just a myth and as has been rumoured here just a ruse to allow you to go to LA and ride regularly?

  2. Captain, I know that progress is slow, but when spending company money on such a big, technical outlay it is important to not stress oneself and cloud the decision making progress. Hence the need to de-stress. Which I am doing the best way I know how ..... riding.

    As for that rumour about it being a "ruse", let me just answer that once and for all ..... the riding I am doing here is seriously de-stressing stuff. Not only is the sun warm and there is never much as a breeze, there certainly is no rain. Anyone will tell you that this type of riding works.

    Consequently I'm quite confident that we have cracked the problems and that next trip we will be able to finalise the development of the double mire saw.

    The computerised scale i'm not sure about. It may take an extra visit .......