Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dog Parks LA Style

On Memorial Day holiday I decided to ride from my Culver City motel to UCLA once again, to experience this Monday public holiday out on the streets of LA.

Unfortunately the Venice boardwalk path turned out to be ridiculously over-crowded, so I left it to get some lunch at SEED, a vegan, macrobiotic cafe in Venice that offers a range of great tofu burgers and delicious, spicy, almond milk chai ......

On my way again, via Main St, I spotted this weird park with no grass. In fact it was a sandy, dust bowl, with a few people sitting on the tables looking out over it. Yelping dogs soon revealed what this park was all about. A freeplay park exclusively for dogs !

Drive the dog to the dog park and let it run wild in Venice.
Not much need for supervision required, the dogs were having a ball. No need for high fences, they weren't goin' anywhere.

Sand ..... dust ...... dog heaven.
Separate area for small dogs ..... unused today.
Catch me, if you can ......
Hard work on the sand.
On a later ride I discovered another dog park, off Mulholland near Laurel Canyon. This one was much bigger and more isolated. Dog owners needed to drive to this one.

Looking down onto Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Here there was much more Interaction between dogs and their owners.

Not as sandy, but just as dusty .... dog heaven, again.

Entrance to Laurel canyon Dog Park.


  1. No grass ?? That surprises me !!!

  2. Silver Streak - your interests are wide and varied, I never realised how much interest you were taking in Dog Parks. Is the intention to open one here?