Monday, February 20, 2012

Daily Specials

Maybe you are thinking it's all done with Oats ?
Well sometimes here in LA I do make porridge, but too often it's breakfast in one of my favourite diners.

I have two .... Dinah's Diner (remember the photo of Kit standing in the rain, under the huge Dinah's Chicken bucket), and Cafe 50s (Kit standing under the "Good times POWER breakfast sign).
Both are a must visit when anyone comes to LA.

Well this trip has seen me eating more cheaply. "Why not eat fast food .... it's cheap" said Shawn in Palm Springs as we munched a delicious salad and toasted cheese burger. Then there was the Subway 12" roll that I ate with relish .....

I think I agree with Shawn. American food is never going to be the best thing you ever ate, even if you pay top price at some up market restaurant. There are too many additives and flavours for the local palette that turns down the enjoyment level. 

So why not go fast food joints and diners. There are plenty of healthy combos to be had.
Then there are the DAILY SPECIALS  ..... even cheaper !

Example - I went to Dinah's and had a stack of buttermilk pancakes that was delish,
and only  $8.25, with taxes.
Then a few days later, I had another craving for the same. But this time I discovered the morning special.
STACK OF PANCAKES with 2 EGGS ..... $5.43, with taxes !!!
The $5.43 daily special at Dinah's. Loaded with carbs and protein.
The perfect fuel for a hard day's riding in the SMM ?


  1. Why not eat fast food it's cheap?

    A few reasons not to.
    1. High in saturated fat.
    2. High sugar content.
    3.too many carbs,not enough protein.
    4.You become an overweight porker:)

  2. Not much fat, surely.
    Need the sugar for the day's ride.
    Protein in the eggs ..... if it is actually egg ?
    Besides, I had a glass of buttermilk as well.