Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back in LA, Feb 2012

LA ... RAIN ?
This trip Kit came along, with the idea he would go to Boston to visit friends,
and celebrate his 21st.

But first, a few days in LA together.

Bugger finishing unpacking ..... let's explore !
How good's this ...... meters that take credit cards.
Power Breakfast at my favourite diner .... Cafe 50s
We couldn't resist, a walk along Venice Beach
Here's an idea ... turn a lifestyle into a job !

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  1. Both Lachlan and Sally chose a trip as their 21st present so it is great that Kit did the same thing !!Birthdays come and go but you never forget a trip especially the first one. I would be keen to see a bit more of LA myself only having spent time in Hollywood and Annaheim.